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Philips Volcano


As the leader in Image Guided Therapy, we are committed to working with healthcare providers to help improve treatment for every patient.

Our vision is to provide integrated solutions that advance minimally invasive procedures by helping healthcare providers to decide, guide, treat and confirm the right therapy for the right patient at the point of care. Working together to realize this vision, we can save and improve lives and reduce the total cost of care by making therapy more efficient, more appropriate and more personal.

We will help to ensure these solutions endure over time and continue to deliver value in the lab by providing the right in-lab support. These are the unique, specific capabilities that Philips Volcano brings to our customers that will enable us to realize this vision together.

Vision for the future of guidance

Vision video
Less invasive, more personal care cannot be realized by technology alone. It takes a new kind of partnership: Philips and Volcano Image Guided Therapy. Together we are merging our strengths to deliver unique capabilities that create customer value with integrated solutions. These solutions help make diagnosis and treatment more efficient, more appropriate and more personal.

Introducing the iFR Scout pullback technology

iFR Scout pullback technology reveals the physiologic profile of the entire vessel, so when you encounter diffuse disease or serial lesions you can make informed treatment decisions.


Philips Volcano is a global image guided therapy leader that provides solutions to help optimize and streamline PCI.  We are committed to working with health care providers to improve treatment for every patient using our leading coronary IVUS, pressure and flow based technologies.  Our integrated product offerings help clinicians decide, guide and confirm the right therapy for each patient at the point of care.



Discover the suite of products designed by Philips Volcano to help diagnose and treat peripheral disease. Review IVUS-guided stenting clinical evidence, access procedural tools, case reviews, and more.  View our full line of peripheral vascular intervention strategies, tools and resources that can help you decide, guide, treat, and confirm.


Advanced Imaging Systems

Designed to power the future of precision guided therapy, Philips Volcano provides clarity in your approach and confidence in your results with a full suite of imaging and physiology analysis tools. With the choice of FFR, iFR and IVUS modalities on a single integrated platform, we deliver convenience in your workflow with true integration. IVUS and iFR co-registration are now available on the SyncVision advanced imaging system.


Integrated solutions: labs of the future

The future of guidance and therapies depends on great product development, partnerships to help support the clinical community and improving outcomes for patients and practices. Leaders in interventional cardiovascular solutions discuss their vision.
Bert van Meurs

Bert van Meurs, CEO Image Guided Therapy

“I envision a time when all surgical procedures will be done through minimally invasive treatment, supported by intelligent imaging systems and devices.”
Carlos Ruiz video
Dr. Carlos Ruiz shares his thoughts on the possibilities through integration
Jorge Berardi video
Dr. Jorge Belardi shares his thoughts on the benefits of integration