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Continuous Learning is vital for caring profession operations  

The World Health Organization is unequivocal, “We can’t care for patients properly, if we don’t invest in the health of our professionals. This means also committing to feeding their minds. A healthy workforce is essential to enabling healthy populations.”


Leading healthcare organizations are already taking steps to deliver more personal, motivating and future forward learning in partnership with medical device manufacturers, such as Philips. The impetus for the construction of an educational ecosystem is often stimulated by concerns about how new technologies

such as robotics and AI could affect job roles and how to prepare people to use them. And yet, to fundamentally transition to the future of changing healthcare work, we must focus on equipping our human talent with the right workforce-skill mix and developing specific processes and technologies to support that work.  

As Melissa Kenig from Philips Education Services comments: “As we accelerate towards digital transformation, the people behind the machines can sometimes get forgotten or left behind. And yet, the best technological solutions won’t make the impact that’s hoped for it, if the people operating and using them haven’t been taught how to use them to achieve their outcomes. Research has shown that stakeholders who invest in the right mix of skills can help accelerate digital transformation while achieving a happy, motivated workforce. And, of course, learning isn’t a nice to have. It’s a mandatory for effective care.”

Smarter and more flexible working environments are key to attracting talent.

Other than salary, factors around collaboration, autonomy and technology are important when choosing a hospital or practice in which to work.

Workplace culture

Workplace culture

Latest equipment

Latest equipment / technologies



Work life balance

Work life balance

Percentages are NETS. Base (unweighted): Total younger healthcare professionals. Excluding those who selected ‘salary – important to you’(n=663)

Operational Intelligence for continuous healthcare education

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Ecosystem. It’s a term that has entered common parlance from technology but, as our Operational Intelligence approach to servicing connected healthcare operations indicates, running the effective hospitals of the future will necessitate an integrated combination of people, processes and technology. This is especially true when it comes to defining the healthcare educational experiences of tomorrow.

Healthcare is first and foremost a people business and, while technology is streamlining and optimising the ecosystem, the provision of quality care depends inevitably on the ability of the healthcare organization to ensure that it has the right professionals with the right skills in the right place at the right time. 

“Continuous education fills the gap between current care and output-oriented care.”

Philips Education Services

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Continuous healthcare education

Discover why and how Operational Intelligence is transforming the future of healthcare education and how your healthcare system can benefit.

Infographic: Continuous learning in Healthcare


Caring for patients requires caring for the professionals, supporting their professional development and satisfaction. This visualization explores how to navigate the age of opportunity and empower the next generation of healthcare professionals with the skills and mindsets future healthcare needs.

New organizational learning

Creating your hospital’s new organizational learning

Discover why healthcare transformation involves a significant reinvestment in its workforce to provide reimagined knowledge, processes and technological support required to develop the emerging enduring capabilities necessary for Healthcare 4.0.

Opportunities for contuning

Addressing the need and opportunities for Continuous education

Find out why the shift to value based care starts with valuing and investing in healthcare’s greatest cost and also its greatest resource; its people, by ensuring continuous learning and development opportunities fit for the modern era

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Co-creating the future of learning


Overview of the Philips Education and Training Services suite of services

Education services

Philips Education Services

Philips Education Services can help you unlock the full potential of your people, your technology, and your organization through innovative, meaningful, and evidence-based healthcare education. With over 1,700 comprehensive training programs and pathways, no other healthcare education program provides you with a broader choice of advanced learning opportunities, flexible access and delivery, and an engaging, interactive experience.

Exellence agreement

Philips Education Services Clinical Excellence Agreement

To make continuous education a standardized and possible to deploy full service model, rather than reactive and sporadic, we have developed the Philips Clinical Excellence Agreement. Our proactive multi-year Clinical Excellence Agreement offering takes care of your ongoing clinical education needs, ensuring that your staff know how to use the full breadth of tools and features included on your system(s). This agreement makes it possible to grow staff competency with regular training, clear learning paths and better utilization of advanced tools. It also ensures consistency in procedures (standardization of procedures and protocols), keeping staff motivated (limit staff turnover) enabling new hires to adapt and learn fast (onboarding program) and preventing knowledge drain or slippage.

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