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DoseWise solutions provide innovative technologies and services to better manage medical radiation exposure to patients and healthcare professionals.

Take control of dose management with DoseWise Portal*  


DoseWise Portal is a vendor-agnostic, web-based solution that collects, measures, analyzes, and reports patient AND staff radiation exposure, assisting you to make data-informed decisions, improve efficiency, and demonstrate a commitment to quality, satisfaction, patient and staff safety.



*Product may not be available in all countries.

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Are you ready to comply?


July 1st is the deadline to comply with the new Joint Commission requirements. They expect more from hospitals concerning dose management. We’ve developed a tool to help you compare current practices against the new requirements and define corrective action. Get it now!


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Hear our partners discuss the importance of dose management

Dosewise product video

Providing a quality exam experience

Dr. Christoph Wald of Lahey Hospital and Medical Center discusses the importance of standardization across platforms, technologists, and protocols.

Are you a dose leader?  


Philips and ISRRT are giving one radiographer the opportunity to become the ISRRT DoseWise Radiographer of the Year. Tell us how you put your knowledge of patient safety and dose management to work at your institution. Submit your case today!


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Balancing risk versus benefit – enhancing the exam

Technological advancements demonstrate how vital a factor imaging can be in reaching an confident diagnosis or treatment decision. Yet concern regarding the risk of radiation exposure is ever present. Driven by new legislation and concern from the public, the healthcare industry is addressing dose management head-on.

Our solutions are DoseWise

DoseWise functionality and offerings are an integrated throughout a broad range of our imaging solutions.
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Computed Tomography

A suite of personalized dose management tools deliver virtually noise free images and reveal hidden information.

+ CT scanners

+ IQ and dose management

+ CT clinical tools

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Interventional X-ray

Live Image Guidance and ClarityIQ technology helps achieve excellent visibility at low X-ray dose levels.

+ Allura Clarity with ClarityIQ

Veradius Unity

+ DoseWise Allura

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Single shot spectral imaging with unique Philips photon counting technology delivers excellent dose efficiency.

+ MicroDose SI

dosewise video dxr

Diagnostic X-ray

From DR rooms to mobile systems, image processing tools and workflow advancements support dose management.

+ DigitalDiagnost

+ MobileDiagnost wDR

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Molecular Imaging

Iterative reconstruction techniques and personalized acquisition control address your high IQ, low dose needs.

+ Vereos PET/CT

+ Ingenuity TF PET/CT

+ BrightView XCT

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Real-time dose feedback

Protect yourself against radiation exposure. Clip-on your personal dosimeter and immediately see your exposure level. DoseAware real-time dose measuring system increases radiation awareness and promotes healthy working practices.


DoseAware Xtend integrates directly into your Allura FlexVision XL monitor so you can view staff exposure throughout a procedure. Cumulative X-ray dose received by each team member is displayed at the end of the procedure.

"DoseAware is one of the most important tools available to help manage occupational medical radiation exposure to physicians and staff. It's a much easier and practical way to monitor levels than conventional methods. Creating a better work environment is  not only the right thing to do but our obligation"

J. Kiah, MS, RN, Lab Manager

Director Cardiac and Vascular Services
Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, 
Miami, USA

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