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How to store my Philips Humidifier or Combi Purifier/Humidifier

Find below instructions on how to store your Philips Humidifier or Combi Purifier-Humidifier.

How to store HU48xx, HU49xx, HU47xx Humidifiers:

1) Empty the water tank and water tray, then

2) Clean and dry the water tank, water tray and wick.

3) After drying, the water tank, water tray and wick can be stored in the appliance.

Note: Do not clean with vinegar.

How to store AC408x, AC38xx, AC27xx, and HU59xx Combi or Humidifier:

1) Descale the humidification filter

2) Clean the water softener

3) Dry the water tank

1) Descaling the humidification filter:

Take the filter out from the water tank. (Note: you have to remove the water bucket first before you can remove the filter).

Then mix white vinegar (5ml/100ml acetic acid) with an equal amount of tap water in a container that is large enough to soak the humidification filter in. If there are white deposits (scale) on the filter, make sure the side with the white deposits is immersed in the water. Soak the humidification in the vinegar solution for 1 hour.

After soaking, discard the water-vinegar solution.

Rinse the humidification filter under the tap to rinse away the vinegar residues. During rinsing, turn it so that both sides are rinsed.

Then air-dry the humidification filter.

2) Cleaning the water softener:

Clean it under running tap with the soft brush supplied.

3) Rinsing and clean the water tank:

Then, wipe it dry. And lastly, put the water softener and the humidification filter back in the water tank.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC2729/90 .

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