1. How do I place an order for Lumify?


To set up an account and place an order please contact us.


2. How long will it take for my Lumify transducer to arrive?


Your Lumify transducer or transducers should arrive within two weeks of order placement. Larger orders may take longer, and actual delivery time is dependent upon product availability.


3. What is included with my outright purchase of Lumify?


When you purchase Lumify outright, you get the Lumify transducer(s), the Lumify app, software upgrades, and a manufacturer's warranty. Your purchase also includes a carrying bag for your device and transducer.


IMPORTANT: Your purchase does not include a compatible smart device with the exception of a Lumify System Bundle (kitted solution - USA only). If you purchased a Lumify System Bundle, Philips provides compatible COTS tablet with the latest version of the Lumify app installed on it, in addition to the above components for an outright purchased Lumify. 

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