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Light up the dark

Philips Connected LED-lighting enables children to play outdoors for longer during the short winter days in Uppsala, Sweden.

Shifting towards a circular economy


A circular economy aims to decouple economic growth from the use of natural resources and ecosystems by using those resources more effectively.

$700 could be saved annually by using the circular economy model for global consumer goods / services.

100,000 new jobs can be created within the next 5 years and $1 trillion can be added to the global economy by shifting towards circularity.

50% of 300 small businesses surveyed in England, France and Belgium had not heard of the concept.

Citation: Finding new value with the circular economy, Philips.

This is the future for business

See how the more effective use of materials can enable more value creation, both by cost savings and by developing new markets, or growing existing ones.
  • City farms that grow with LED lighting


    City farms that grow with LED lighting

    Philips innovative next-generation LED horticultural lighting systems are perfect for indoor growing systems.

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  • Lights that touch our lives

    Case study

    Lights that touch our lives

    Education and LEDs are inspiring a nation.

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The essence of family-centered care

Philips LED lighting can help to create a calming environment for parents and babies in healthcare centers.
  • Enhancing the efficacy of connected cities


    Enhancing the efficacy of connected cities

    Philips connected lighting can make cities become smarter, more integrated and better places to live.

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  • Well-being through light

    Case study

    Well-being through light

    The smart LED system at Phoenix Hospital impacting moods.

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Helping dancers relax with LED light therapy

Philips is helping improve performance in innovative ways.
  • How light helps students have a better start

    Case study

    How light helps students have a better start

    Matching light to classroom activity.

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  • Lighting up an entire community

    Case study

    Lighting up an entire community

    The town that is no longer in darkness.

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  • The vivid future of office life

    Case study

    The vivid future of office life

    A LED lighting system that changes the work environment.

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  • Making innovation meaningful


    Making innovation meaningful

    Philips Healthcare innovates products to respond to global health isssues like chronic diseases among the aging society.

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Smart lighting for a safer city

CityTouch is a software platform which offers web applications to manage street lights and analyze lighting data.

Advancing healthcare


See how we collaborate across the continuum of care.

Healthy living


Learn how we are helping you to be healthy, live well and enjoy life

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