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We all love our fried foods, but we worry about our waistlines. The Philips Airfryer reduces the need for cooking oil, allowing you to cook fried foods at home with up to 80% less oil.*

Effectively frying in air, it makes food crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside while providing all the obvious health and weight benefits of using less oil.

It really makes cooking much easier, much healthier, and much more fun. Now I'm using less oil, less salt, less everything else."


Dable Kwan

Housewife, Hong Kong

In this fascinating short film we meet Dable Kwan, a Hong Kong housewife who was a novice when she started cooking for her husband 10 years ago but impressed her friends so much with the healthy meals she produced with her Airfryer that they encouraged her to put a picture of everything she cooked online.

The Airfryer has made a difference to her husband’s eating habits, they’re eating healthier with less fat*.


* Compared to frying fresh fries in a conventional Philips deep fat fryer.


of people in Hong Kong who had a first heart attack or suffer from strokes or congestive heart failure, also have hypertension. Obesity is a risk factor for hypertension or high blood pressure.


Citation: Hong Kong Reference Framework for Hypertension Care for Adults in Primary Care Settings

The air-frying enthusiast


Chef, author, housewife and mother Dable Kwan has a Facebook page called I love Philips Airfyer with almost 39,000 likes. Click to find out more about her and how she uses the Philips Airfryer.  

One should focus on consuming saturated fats to maintain a healthy weight?

False. The consumption of unsaturated fats contributes to a healthy diet. Citation: World Health Organization

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